Speaker Profile

Angeline Benjamin

President, B&B Food Safety Solutions

Angeline Benjamin is the president of B&B Food Safety Solutions. Angeline approaches her client’s issues with results oriented from strategic, tactical and operational perspective. Her objective is to provide food safety risk management and quality assurance solutions to clients in the food industry who have the vision for quality and risk management as part of a strategic plan. Angeline has been involved in the quality assurance and food safety businesses for over 29 years. Angeline began her quality assurance career at Hunt-Wesson Foods. She then worked for Denny’s, Carnation and lastly Taco Bell, which is part of Yum Brands group that includes KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers and A&W. Angeline held different positions when she was with Yum Brands but all of them involved Crisis Management, Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs.

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