Speaker Profile

Javier Kuong

President, Management Advisory Services & Publications (MASP)

Javier Kuong has over 25 years of management, consulting lecturing and development experience in the Corporate Governance, IT Compliance, Internal Controls, Risk Management, IT Auditing and Business Continuity fields as an executive, international consultant, lecturer and author of over 40 books and manuals on these topics.

He has held positions as a CIO and Systems manager for industrial companies and as senior consulting manager for a major CPA firm. He is the founder of Management Advisory Services & Publications (MASP) that specializes in governance, compliance, auditing and internal control. He has authored six books on Contingency planning and business continuity including a manual on the process oriented approach to business continuity. He is the also the editor of Contingency Planning & Recovery Journal published since 1987 and lectures internationally on his fields of expertise.

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