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Elise P. Miner

Associate Validation Manager, QPharma, Inc.

Elise Miner is one of QPharma's Associate Validation Managers and has worked with top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the validation and compliance industry since 2001. Elise's expertise spans computer and laboratory systems in the life science industry. She has developed and implemented global methodology for the validation of Facilities, Utilities and Equipment, including quality and supporting documentation, training, and websites for clients that have included Sanofi-Aventis, Schering-Plough, LifeCell Corporation and Sepracor, among others. She is regularly tapped to be the senior member on project teams responsible for establishing goals, developing timelines, training new hires, and ensuring compliance with current industry standards.

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Master Validation Planning

A Validation Master Plan (VMP) is a critical part of a successful validation project. It documents the intended path to be taken for the validation of an entire organization, one or multiple plants, a single system or assembly line, or even a collection of similar equipment, to be qualified and eventually validated.

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