Leonard Anastasi
Instructor Leonard Anastasi
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Avoiding Pitfalls With Air Barriers


With the proliferation of the use of air barriers in building enclosure systems the potential for problems exists in the industry. This workshop will review the proper planning, product selection, specifications, details and field quality assurance needed for a successful air barrier installation.

The program starts with a list of steps to be taken during each phase of design and construction. Proper exterior wall design based on type of construction and proper material selection based on type of construction will then be reviewed. Details for specific wall construction type and product selection will be then be offered and reviewed. Poor detail examples will also be reviewed and discussed. Finally, quality assurance guidelines will be offered including pre-construction meetings, mock-up review and field inspection recommendations. Examples of problem installations will also be offered with explanations of the problems.

Why should you Attend: Moisture related problems in building exterior walls are the most common causes of litigation in the construction industry. Advances in building science and analysis now offer building professionals the knowledge and insight on how to design effective exterior wall assemblies that do not experience these problems. Knowing building science basics and the tools used to properly analyze exterior wall performance will lead to effective exterior walls for designers, owners and contractors.

Areas Covered in the Session: Learn how to properly integrate air barrier into the building exterior wall in a manner as to not cause problems with the wall. Case histories an common mistakes will be exhibited.

Who Will Benefit:

  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Building owners
  • Contractors

Speaker Profile
Len Anastasi has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years in masonry, waterproofing and restoration work. He currently owns EXO-TEC Manufacturing, Inc. which manufactures specialty construction products, EXO-TEC Solutions, Inc. which performs marketing work for various quality and innovative manufacturers of construction products and EXO-TEC Consulting, Inc. which performs consulting services on building enclosure issues for building owners, managers, design professionals and lawyers. In his construction and consulting work, he has performed inspections and / or repairs on over 300 buildings as well as giving expert testimony in trials and reviews on dozens of legal cases.

He is a member of ASTM’s E 06 Committee on Building Performance where he has authored both proposed standards as well as proposed changes to existing standards. He is a member of the Boston Society of Architects’ Building Enclosure Council where he has presented on several topics and has been sponsored to speak at the Build Boston Exposition, AIA National Convention and CSI National Convention. He has authored several articles and papers on building enclosure performance and has spoken on these topics at several conventions, seminars and meeting. He is a past President of the Air Barrier Association of America and current Director as well as a member of the Construction Specification Institute ( CSI ) and the International Concrete Repair Institute ( ICRI ). He is also a guest lecturer at the Boston Architectural Center.

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